In 2014, HedgeSPA was already mentioned by Forbes as a disruptive provider of Financial Technogy. In 2017, we followed up with a massive upgrade in to the latest in technology, while launching a comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) program to stay on the cutting edge. This is a quick summary of what we have done in 2017:

  1. Flexible and reliable server. The platform is now using a OAUTH-based single sign-on (SSO) server as a security gateway, with the ability to redirect users to wherever a virtual machine is hosted, which can be a private server, hybrid cloud or public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is important to many professional investors, especially those in Asia, because they tend to be smaller operations and do not have large in-house data centers.
  2. Accordingly, all the permissioning (including data) can be done from the SSO. This is critical to professional investors because certain data vendors and exchanges are known to permission one group of time series at a time for each user.
  3. Upgraded UI. We have upgraded the front-end user interface to extREACT, the super-fast UI interface from Facebook and Instagram. This is helpful to professional investors for two reasons: a) they often have to run through thousands of approved investment products so the “rendering” of a product list with over 1000 instruments must be reasonably fast; b) professional investors do not want to spend significant time learning how to navigate any application. With this much faster UI, professional investors can now go from our “dashboard” (home page of the application, highlighting all major issues) to the more detailed analysis within a single click, without having to learn to navigate the application. This will be key to successful deployment for professional investors because of the typical umber of approved investment products involved and complexity of investment analytics calculations.
  4. Upstream data. Our upstream data can be sourced from any client-approved provider with commonly accepted formats (CSV, XML, API), and we also crawl data for our clients from all publicly available sources, such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database.
  5. Downstream data. Our downstream outputs can be sent as FIX trades directly to the dealing desks or custodians, or whichever format the client prefers, and we can also automate all our daily reporting as a text email with simple but highly effective summary spreadsheets for our clients. Our platform can process trade confirmations, reconcile transactions, and report performance automatically
  6. Workflow Automation. Our platform can process trade confirmations, reconcile transactions, and report performance automatically. HedgeSPA’s reporting service can quickly and automatically generate unbiased client reports, thus saving investment managers time, money, and even human capital.
  7. Forward-looking R&D. We also have a number of R&D implementations that cover various fields, including text analysis, graph theory on advanced AI/machine leaning techniques and neural network, advanced computation on delivering highly sophisticated programmable hardware, talent development, and applied research on integration of the state-of-the-art techniques to solve problems that have evaded systematic solutions to-date.