Asset Manager

Optimizing The Process of Asset Management

Asset managers have faced many challenges in recent years, one of the main ones being increased global market volatility. Another is to keep their daily processes clean and well documented under many existing and emerging regulations. They need the knowledge and resources in order to effectively monitor and manage their clients’ assets and provide objective advice – and proper documentation – on what investment options their clients should invest their capital in. While many asset managers see their market insights as their core competitive strengths, they still require an expert system to “smell test” their decisions and document those decisions as such.

The HedgeSPA platform helps to optimize the process of asset management by tracking each investment decision at all stages throughout its lifecycle.  It can offer a range of services and functions such as:

  • Analyzing the performance of a hypothetical asset portfolio or a set of rebalancing decisions on a before and after basis, in absolute terms or relative to a benchmark.
  • Ability to use Higher-Order Statistics to come up with a superior method to construct portfolios.
  • Ability to combine multiple market scenarios with probabilities.
  • Using AI tools to find all possible combinations of Factors, Time Frames and Methodologies to come up with the best asset recommendations.
  • Tailored portfolio management advice based on your customized parameters, so that you can maintain a clear differentiator from incumbents.
  • Scanning up-to-date news and announcements to keep on top of the ever-changing market environment without the need to hire an army of analysts.
  • Ability to combine long-term factor-based rankings with short term sentiments from news and social media in arriving at a recommendation.

Here are several examples of compelling investment products created by using our platform:

HedgeSPA Solutions


  • A unique approach that balances upside to portfolio downside risk
  • Detailed documentation also reduces operational and legal risks


  • Recommendations that complement investor insights.
  • Ability to attribute driver to success to asset sponsors to arrive at the fair measure of value-added (and compensation).


  • Asset managers can access the platform anytime and from anywhere under the new normal.
  • Ability to measure and monitor life-cycle costs.