Private Bank

Private Banks Under Digital Revolution

The most common problem faced by private banks is that many private bankers are set in their old ways of managing relationships and are wary of changes and challenges under the digital revolution. Increasingly, the profession is bifurcated into those who are ready for the challenge to adopt against those who are hesitant.  A friendly digital platform must help both sides of an organization win.

The HedgeSPA platform provides the private banker automated advising that will give better performance results for the customer:

  • A consistent way to select assets from an approved list.
  • Recommendations to an existing portfolio based on a model portfolio.
  • Scan and monitor news and social media information to keep up to date on advised products.

This is a 3-minute video explaining how we can help a private bank or wealth manager to lead their peers in the Fintech Revolution:

HedgeSPA Solutions


  • Our platform can help bank management ensure that they will follow house advice.
  • Our analytics tool will objectively check compliance and consistency of advice.


  • Traditional private banks are losing as much as 50% of their clients when the younger generation takes over as the guardian of wealth. They want to participate in the management of wealth with better analytics.
  • Our platform allows such participation and testing of ideas.


  • In today’s market, investors no longer want to wait for bankers to talk to investment advisors and come back with a deck. They want advice when they can still act or they “shop” elsewhere.
  • Our solution can reduce the “latency” in responding.