30 March 2020

Announcing product tiering that will help investors adopt its industry-leading AI, Big Data, and Cloud-empowered investment analytics by protecting investor portfolios in these volatile markets and helping investors seize opportunities as markets must eventually rebound

SINGAPORE — 30 March 2020 — HedgeSPA will join a program offered by the F10 consortium with Julius Baer, Swiss Exchange (SIX) and R3 as key partners.  ( The consortium will invest in HedgeSPA.  One business goal is to offer HedgeSPA’s powerful investment analytics in a terminal format based on the simplified REACT interface (a technology co-developed by Facebook). This is a professional-grade product that targets family offices and external asset managers (EAMs), with connectivity to a clearing bank in the back end or via direct connectivity such as SIX’s trading interface.  HedgeSPA plans to work with SIX as well as other data providers (including global heavy weights such as HedgeSPA’s existing partners) to supply “add on data” with a simple credit-card-style sign up.  HedgeSPA is in discussion to collaborate with R3 for point-to-point connectivity to SIX and/or other leading financial institutions.

A leading Chinese financial institution is working to help launch a Chinese version of the terminal enhanced with Chinese data.  In addition, HedgeSPA is exploring an enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) offering in Switzerland in addition to HedgeSPA’s basic-level ESG offering.

“I have known Bernard for over a decade and am working with the HedgeSPA team as senior advisor. We are excited to see this impressive progress, especially during these extraordinary times,” said Mr. Tuck Seng Low, Special Advisor & Executive Member of Board, Co-Chairman of Singapore Committee, Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, and Senior Advisor, South Pole.

Differentiators from Other User Tiers:

Leading Institutions – HedgeSPA will continue to offer its top-tier solution to some of the largest buy-side institutions to cover the full range of capabilities in asset selection, portfolio rebalancing, execution and reporting.  The top-tier solution includes an engineering panel that allows user customization with thousands of parameters that comes with compliance-quality documentation, a single-page dashboard that allows continuous monitoring of all portfolios by portfolio managers and analysts, a REST-ful application programming interface (API) supporting more than 300 API calls, and sample programs in R language that allows users to perform customization of proprietary investment strategies. One key strength of the platform is the ability to recreate and verify a portfolio’s entire P&L track record with tickers, positions and time/date only with the press of a button.

High-Performance Indices – Alternatively, the HedgeSPA team is happy to construct customized portfolios as a “basket advisor”.  We have several notable independently-verifiable track records:  A steady outperformance strategy that can be used for portable alpha and smart beta strategies.  Another one that can create 7+% net with modest leverage.  Neither one of the above has significant country/sector bias.  A third index has been running at as much as 100bps per month under the additional flexibility to deviate from its benchmark’s country and/or sector allocations.  These indices can be used to create excellent high-net-worth investment products; sample term sheet can be made available upon request to accredited and institutional investors.

Mass-Affluent Portal Service – The terminal product is based on a REACT interface with a virtual machine and database at the backend for each user.  HedgeSPA will also offer an entry-level freemium solution with limited data by allowing multiple accounts to share one virtual machine.  Each verified user will be authorized for one account.  Free users will have limits on portfolio size and functionalities.  We will start with users on government pension schemes (such as Singapore CPF) to run model portfolios based on ETFs and indices only.  Add-on features such as real-time data and individual securities will require add-on modest payments.   For other jurisdictions, we can work with local financial institutions as partners.


  Leading Institutions Analytics Terminal High-Performance Indices Mass-Affluent Portal Service
Asset Selection (Reports)          √
Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing (Reports)          √
Execution (Reports)          √ (Freemium)    √
Automated Reporting (Reports)          √ (Freemium)    √
Support for Multiple Portfolios (Reports)          √
Engineering Panel for Full Customization
Continuous Monitoring Dashboard
Fully Customizable Data Sources
Rapid Implementation of Investment Strategies in R Language
Regenerate P&L with One Button
Supercomputing backend


Helping Investors Succeed under the Covid-19 Pandemic:

One particularly popular feature on our platform is the ability to specify multiple market scenarios based on user-customizable probabilities of occurrence.  Under the current Covid-19 pandemic, a key consideration is the expected length of the pandemic.  Our team is currently constructing a Use Case that will involve medical research-quality epidemiology models, leading to global supply chain disruptions, and then to impact on typical insurance and pension portfolios.  These are not hypothetical concerns in that insurers are expected to liquidate part of their portfolios to support the costs of treatments.  This function helps investors find the best ways to protect your portfolio in the volatile market and emerge as winners.

“Our team is excited to contribute to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic with our award-winning analytics by protecting investor portfolios in these volatile markets and helping investors seize opportunities as markets must eventually rebound,” added Dr. Bernard Lee, CEO of HedgeSPA and author of the new book “Investment Analytics in the Dawn of Artificial Intelligence”.

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