There are too many assets and too many factors for an investment manager to analyze manually, and there is simply not enough time. HedgeSPA’s Asset Selection Tool can choose assets that deliver persistent performance by removing beta exposures, which are cheap and can be easily implemented by ETFs. Our product detail functionality will show statistics and details about a specific asset, which will make it even easier for investment managers. In addition, when looking at a subuniverse, hedge funds or mutual funds do not have all of the underlying holdings. This functionality actually represents assets by exposure factors, and our clients can define a different set of factors for each asset if they wish to do so.

Anyone can pick assets based on past performance, but our platform can help remove confounding variables, thus making analysis more accurate. By breaking down market beta exposures into multi-asset factors, we can identify the most salient sources of ex-ante shocks by assets and factor exposures. Our watch list will even help save potential assets that investment managers are interested in. Once they manage to determine a good asset, they can even buy directly on the platform.

Through HedgeSPA’s asset selection tool, investment managers can quickly search for assets that they are interested in, compare them to similar ones in a subuniverse, and analyze their performance by defining different sets of factors that are not available from hedge funds or mutual funds. Our platform makes everything much more convenient for our clients, from selecting a good asset, to selling a bad one.