HedgeSPA’s scenario analysis allows investment managers to efficiently and smoothly apply market scenarios to a portfolio. Our research team proactively scans published research to construct scenarios. The scenario analysis service saves time by automatically sorting through each scenario. HedgeSPA uses typical research ranges, giving investment managers useful scenarios to start with, with the option of changing factor shocks if you do not fully agree with consensus views.

Typically, companies send overnight updates or allows limited flexibility in terms of changing factors. At HedgeSPA, we provide real-time updates, allowing our client to evaluate complex market scenarios’ impact on their portfolios in real-time. Not only will this make it more convenient for our clients, but also make sure that they can make changes in response to the scenario before they miss a good opportunity.

This way, investment managers can use the time previously dedicated to sorting through pages of research and manually analyzing data to instead provide higher-quality service to clients. It is now possible for them to proactively consider market possibilities and professionally analyze portfolios quickly using a multitude of analytics and research all covered by HedgeSPA. This way, not only will investment managers get real time updates and accurate analysis, but also improve their relationship with their clients.