Manually generating reports is as tedious as it is necessary for investment managers, because although they would rather spend their time on improving their clients’ portfolios, they need to keep their clients updated at the same time. HedgeSPA’s reporting service can quickly and automatically generate unbiased client reports, thus saving investment managers time, money, and even human capital.

Our platform is one of the few platforms that generates reports, and unlike other platforms, we are able to integrate qualitative investment research reports with our quantitative investment analytics into a single view organized by investment products, thus providing a one-stop solution. After the platform generates reports, investment managers can easily format, save, and email or print them if clients request them.

It is easy to see how quickly investment managers can generate these reports; before, they would have to semi-manually make them or rely on a third party. Through HedgeSPA’s reporting suite, they can easily save time and cut costs. It is extremely useful to have these indicative reports, as investment managers must maintain the flexibility to confirm values that are often subject to heavy manual adjustments. Through generating automatic client reports, they can better focus on clients and delivering value in terms of portfolio performance.